Epic Journeys

"Evocative Luxury"

  • Redefining Luxury Travel

    Luxury without limitations. Emotional connection without interruption. The pleasures of hedonistic travel are being artfully transformed. An arena dominated by Italian marble, 24 karat gold, exclusivity, and year-long waiting lists is undergoing a profound metamorphosis. Today, luxury travel is an immersive, organic and emotional experience with all the trimmings included.

    Luxury is less about elitism and more about authentic and joyous experiences. Epic Journeys invites you to redefine the meaning of the high life by dipping your toes in a new kind of water…

    Childhood memories Photo above: Sharing your "edible" childhood memories with your loved ones.

    Inspiration Blossoms

    Epic Journeys first bloomed to life when our founders, both employees at world-class resort brands, were travelling extensively for work. Infinitely passionate about travel, they found it a real challenge to maintain a professional yet taxing career,with a truly meaningful family experience.

    During this period of disappointment, marked by heavy schedules and constant time zone changes, our founders made a single promise to their daughter: a real and meaningful holiday.

    The entire clan booked into a luxury resort specializing in pampering and relaxation, and whilst the family rested up, the experience was rather sterile and emotionless. The bonding experience was almost non-existent; the pomp and fanfare that came with massages, spa treatments, and five-star dining made sure of that. The family may have looked rejuvenated on the outside, but their spirits were absent.

    Many moons later, the family took another vacation, flipping the resort holiday concept on the head with back-to-nature camping. This four-day break in a national park, without electricity, cell phones, email, and television, proved to be a life-changing experience. They talked together, slept under shimmering stars, glimpsed wild elephants, climbed waterfalls, ate wholesome simple food, and even got lost wandering. Their faces were a little grubby, their hair a little disheveled, but their souls were singing.

    Nathalie, Hang and Remon camping Photo above from one of the trips, an epic view on the edge of a cliff overlooking the forest.

    What is true is this: travel is more than a nice hotel and a planned itinerary. Travel offers us the opportunity to get lost in the most delightful of ways. To open our eyes and expand our minds beyond the hum of the television and editorial opinions on the page. Travel enlightens us to what is, and inspires us to ask “what if?”. Travel gifts innocence and wisdom to our lives, daring us to fall in love with the universe.

    That monumental camping trip sparked embers of passion in the hearts of our founders. They dreamed of resorts that redefined the meaning of luxury, focusing instead on experiences that would stir the soul, reinvigorate the body, inspire the mind, and promote meaningful connection. No matter where somebody chose to holiday, they would receive a transformative experience, whether that was on a powder-soft beach cradled by a hidden cove, or an ancient palace dripping with hanging blossoms and guarded by monkeys.

    Dancing with the stars Photo above: Dancing with the stars.

    A Vision Materializes

    Working actively in the travel industry, our founders knew this paradise didn’t yet exist. 5-star resorts with impeccable service were widely on offer, but luxury experiences catering to wild souls afflicted with wanderlust were a thing of myth.

    Epic Journeys was born from this nagging desire; a brand which delivers a unique and moving experience to guests -- whether they’re a single person seeking an adventure, a honeymooning couple looking to unwind, or a family hankering for precious connection. Our streamlined booking process and sophisticated customization ensure that every trip is the voyage of a lifetime, appealing to worldly travelers, luxury seekers, and escapees from the concrete jungle.


    Immersing our guests in aesthetically beautiful spaces, undisturbed natural environments, and cultures untainted by the woes of globalization, we make disconnecting from the hustle of the modern world the new, evocative luxury.

    Travel essayist Pico Iyer once said, “A person susceptible to wanderlust is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.” At Epic Journeys, we invite you to be a part of this metamorphosis – changing not only the face of luxury travel…but your very own spirit.

    Epic Journeys - Evocative Luxury