Social upliftment

Social Upliftment

There is hardly anything that could give more joy than the smile on a child's face. To see children being genuinely happy is one of the greatest joys we celebrate at The Lifestyle Brand. We make it a priority for each of our resorts to always place a great emphasis on the wellbeing of our team's children and the children of the communities we join.

Our enthusiasts who are parents also have additional benefits to aid in improving their families life. For example access to babysitting services, day care services, educational privileges for their children, extending medical coverage to include their families, extending our training programs to their families, allowing their loved ones to have internships etc.

In turn, we ask each enthusiast to also contribute to their communities' children by dedicating paid as well as unpaid personal time at their communities and assist where they can to improve the local life.

These activities could be assisting in building facilities, providing educational courses, environmental awareness activities and so forth. Their activities are taken into consideration when their reviews are up and are an integral part of the personal and professional growth programs we have in place.

As a general rule, our resorts always prioritise artisan products over commercial ones, and if the artisan products can be made locally by the surrounding communities then that's an even greater plus.

As such we provide opportunities for locals to start their own business and have a guaranteed income through our purchase agreements provided that they adhere to our ethical, fair-pay, organic, environmental and safety standards and practices. In several cases, we can provide the start-up capital for them to get going while our experts in finance or other teams assist in putting their business plans together.

We invite local vendors to participate in producing meals for our enthusiasts and our guests as well where we can make sure our guests have an opportunity to experience a real local and authentic dining experience while the vendors, again provided they adhere to our standards, can get some incremental income.

We also invite our guests to participate in these activities if they so wish. This could be a donation or simply buying local products, or for those guests that could share knowledge or other resources for a prolonged period we offer special stay conditions in return.

We feel that these small programs can make a real impact and our enthusiast's committees always look at ways to build upon these activities and take in the learning and experiences we have to make further improvements.

Mid-2018 we will be launching a new interactive microsite with details about all our activities and the various programs for our guests to explore.

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