Raise the bar

Raise the Bar

Comfortable beds, fluffy pillows, lots of personal space and privacy and a well-stocked minibar are only a part of what makes a holiday exceptional. We believe that the accommodation element accounts for about 30 to 35 percent of the experience. So what about the other 65 percent?

Quite often hoteliers work very hard to create amazing experiences, but the reality is that only a few guests partake in these. Sometimes the communication between the resort's team and the guest is not very efficient; hence guests may not be aware of these great experiences, but more often then not it is the steep pricing which prevents guests from experiencing these great moments.

At Epic Journeys we designed our brand from the bottom up. Each stay with us is completely customised to suit the original purpose of travel for each of our guests.

For our guest to enjoy all these amazing experiences, we firmly believe that including them in the room rate enables our guests to experience them all worry free. There are no hidden charges or other complications. Every stay at Epic Journeys includes a fabulous artisan and gourmet full-board service which covers unlimited visits to our ice cream parlous, chocolate studios, deli's and of course our speciality dining.

Wine lovers are not forgotten either as the inclusion also includes our two dozen of wines by the glass, a selection of white and brown bar spirits, mixers, all non-alcoholic drinks and of course delicious juices, shakes, smoothies and single estate coffees and teas just to name a few.

As we prioritise Artisan over commercial products we include excellent artisan boutique varieties in each category as a basic offer while the more common commercial brands are available upon request -- also included of course.

Why go at length to bring these amazing artisan products to our resort and not have our guests enjoying them? So by including this into the room rate we can assure that all our guests have a great opportunity to explore something really inspiring --without breaking the piggy bank.

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