Every epic journey has secret destinations

Secret Destinations

Martin Buber once beautifully said; “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.” This powerful quote has been a great inspiration for us when we designed Epic Journeys. It's more relevant now then ever.

In a fast pacing world, where everything is rushed, one hardly notices all the amazing experiences one could have when on a journey. We need to get there as fast as possible, and quite often we are so exhausted that we won't even take in the scenery along the way.

We ignore other travellers and prefer instead to listen to our headset than to learn something new through a spontaneous conversation with somebody we have never met.

Martin Buber was right. In essence, it's those many secret destinations that make a journey Epic. People we meet along the way, textures of the paths we walk, scents we take in as we walk through a pine forest, unexpected fireflies dancing around us and so forth. Each of these experiences, whether we consciously experience them or not, are stored in our memory permanently and will contribute in some way to develop us in who we truly are.

So over the years we figured out that "The chosen path is just one part of a journey’s enjoyment; traveling companions, scenery, purpose for travel and mode of transport are all equally as important to the experience - for as the true destination is not the destination endpoint, its the journey in itself which is the destination".

For this reason, we at Epic Journeys, focus greatly on the quixotic evocative experiences that turn each journey into an epic one.

"Every epic journey has secret destinations", so all you have to do is be open and allow yourself to experience them and secret destinations will unfold before your eyes.

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