Bamboo forest


There is no more important subject than the planet’s health and crippling levels of pollution caused by human’s desire for progress at no thought for the consequences. With global warming one of humanity’s most significant challenges yet, there are also other concerns such as overfishing, deforestation animal cruelty, famine, drought and so forth.

Tourism can play a significant role in making things better. This is most certainly our objective. Not only preserve and protect what is left but working hard to reverse damages that have been made.

In recent years we had to decline several development opportunities simply because they did not conform to our principal beliefs in E.P.I.C or otherwise known as Ethical Progressive Intelligent Concept.

Sustainability is synonymous with a good design principle and sound environmental awareness amongst our team. E.P.I.C is fundamental to our design culture and integral to every discipline and applies to all areas of development. It goes far beyond of just being “green”, it is an indisputable foundation for those seeking a long-term sustainable future.

Our design process is therefore based on energy efficient building systems, appropriate selection of durable materials and form to maximise environmental conditions and long-term performance and of course as many renewable energy sources as possible.

One resort currently on our "drawing board" is taking E.P.I.C to a new height. We aim to use almost entirely natural and sustainable materials and construction methods. Of course, electricity cabling and some drainage pipes will be the usual materials, but pretty much all other elements are natural. Bamboo frames, cob and adobe walls, lime finishes, bamboo shingles and so forth are not only durable materials but they are also helping in creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Ironically we even received requests if we would offer these villas also as residences for those that like to own a luxury villa made through natural construction.

Through our E.P.I.C development and operations approach combined with our Social Upliftment efforts we believe it is an excellent start to reverse some of the damages that have been made to our People, Animals and Nature -- Our Planet.

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