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Culinary Excellence

When we founded our group in 2011 and started the design of our Epic Journeys brand we made one important promise to ourselves; "Whatever we will develop, we will always place a great emphasis on our core passion -- culinary ".

Because cooking and food and beverage is in our DNA, we felt it is not only important to preserve this passion but to use it to make a point of difference. Many resort brands have already great food, so there is certainly no point in just being the same as others.
What about if we would invert the model? What about if we would have an absolute top culinary destination but also great place to stay? This idea became the basis for Epic Journeys and our group as a whole.

To utilise our skills, knowledge and passion in developing some of the greatest culinary destinations is something we are not just good at, we love it!

Think along the lines of our biodynamic garden concepts, speciality dining, artisan beverages, a rare winelist covering only shipwreck wines and so forth.

Roasted chicken

While we keep our ideas to ourselves at the moment to make our debut in evocative luxury a surprise, we do have some amazing concepts under development at the moment, and we are fairly confident that we will be noticed when we launch.

In some exceptional cases, we also extend our culinary passion to other luxury brands in strategic partnerships if there is a like-minded belief. One such wonderful example is Soneva. We provide numerous culinary services to Soneva in all of their resorts and several new resorts under their development including upgrading of existing facilities and the development of new speciality dining facilities at existing resorts.

Our relationship with Soneva goes back over a decade when several of our executives were employed by Soneva (those days Six Senses -- before the founders Sonu and Eva sold the Six Senses and Evason brands). "The relationship we have with Soneva goes far beyond just working together. We share a deep bond centred around mutual trust and respect, and we live the same philosophy." Remon, our founder said recently when asked about Soneva.

"It is exceptional to find such likeminded partners and working with Soneva is pure joy. We can assist them in areas where they do not have the resources in-house at the moment while in return we draw great inspiration from what they do. We have a lot of admiration for Sonu and Eva and their vision as well as their courage to make their vision a reality. We hope to continue this relationship for many years to come." he continues.

To discover more about Soneva and their amazing resorts visit their website at

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